How to Create the Perfect Space for Your Home

How to Create the Perfect Space for Your Home

Hire us for your lot clearing services in Lafayette, LA

You’ve found the perfect lot for your home, but it’s covered in trees and brush. What do you do?

Fairway Contractors LLC knows the last thing you need to do is grab a chainsaw and start doing your own lot clearing in Lafayette, Louisiana. Or worse, hire an inexperienced contractor to do it for you.

Hiring an experienced pro is a good idea, considering lot clearing:

  • Involves heavy equipment to be done thoroughly
  • Is dangerous work with numerous safety risks
  • Can damage your future home if done incorrectly
  • Requires the proper zoning and permit requests
  • Should fit the plan of your new home or addition

We’ll handle all the work involved with clearing your lot so you can move on to the excitement of building your new home.

Call us today so we can create the lot of your dreams.

Save time and money with our efficient lot clearing

When you’re clearing a lot for your new home, the more trees you remove, the more expensive it is. Fairway Contractors offers lot clearing services in Lafayette, Louisiana designed to help you save time and money.

We work with you to understand your home plans and the vision of your new lot. We only remove the trees we need to take out based on your building design and preferences.

We’ll safely and efficiently clear your land while minimizing your costs.

Contact us to learn more about our affordable lot clearing services